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Live a healthier life without compromising the taste, consuming our sugar free and dietary products..

About Us

In various surveys across the world, it has been found that people who intake sugar beyond the recommended level are at high risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Sugar can have harmful effects on your body and your metabolism, that can lead to many diseases. If the human body has more than 10-20% sugar intake than the level which medical industry recommends, the effects can be drastic and can lead to nutrient deficiencies. Moreover, sugar (or Fructose) is also considered bad for your teeth as it gives edible energy and allows attack of bacterias into the mouth.

The elimination of sugar from ones diet is very difficult and is not recommended by the expert dieticians. It cause harm to your body which cannot be even improved with the exercise or medicines. If you have a high sugar level or you want to adopt to a healthier lifestyle with a sugar-free diet, come to us. At Isfahan Chocolate Company, we are working to provide you the best alternatives to all sweet and sugary products. We are the biggest producer of sugar free and dietary products such as Sugar Free Chocolate, Sugar Free Hard Candy, Sugar Free Biscuit, Sugar Free and Dietary Candy, Biscuit, Jelly Powder, Cake Powder, Jam, etc. in Iran and want to expand our business wings across the world. All our products are made using Isomalt which is a natural sugar substitute and has claimed to be very useful in maintaining your sugar levels. We bring you the joy of eating healthier alternatives to sugar by serving you our quality products that are sweet yet not harmful for the body. Enjoy a better, healthier, and enjoyable life by consuming our products. Some other qualities that make our products well liked by the fitness freaks are:
  • Sugar free & diabetic
  • Low calorie & diet
  • Suitable for teeth
  • Treatment of constipation
  • No saccharin and aspartame